Windows 11 launches personal chats on Microsoft Teams - isurti

Good news for users as Microsoft confirms that Windows 11 to be enabled to Chat from Microsoft Teams on Windows. This will allow Teams personal account users to experience a seamless & quick communication over a video call or chat with friends and family.


Moreover, On Windows 11 startup taskbar, Chat from Microsoft Teams will now be pinned. Microsoft said that the ‘Teams experience’ on Windows 11 and Chat have been designed for personal Microsoft accounts, and will be accessible by their individual users.

Microsoft Teams that will be enabled on Windows 11 will have two different apps for personal and professional work purposes. There’s also a differentiation for work/school Teams icon. the Teams app labelled as work/school will have the icon with blue tile with a white letter “T” inside. Users who try to log into Chat with work or school account, will be redirected to download Teams for work or school.

For users who had installed Team before upgrading the device to Windows 11, can continue to use Teams for work or school like earlier. The settings for work or school app in such a case would remain in place.

If you try to log into the incorrect version of the Teams app, you will get a notification from the app regarding the same.

Some new features that Microsoft has added for personal chats on Teams includes Together Mode, Polls, and more.

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