WhatsApp testing a new feature to turn voice messages into text

WhatsApp Testing Voice Transcription Tool to Convert Audio Messages into Text


Technological developments have consistently shown an increase in current times. Swirling in the same wave, WhatsApp is all set to roll out an array of new features in upcoming time. Just few days back it was announced that WhatsApp had been working on enhancing its encryption options, allowing encrypted messages to be stored in Google Drive or iCloud, besides this it will also introduce a redesigned chat bubble soon.

In addition to the announcement regarding new features, the instant messaging platform notified that is planning to unveil a voice transcription facility. This new feature will enable users to convert the audio content of voice messages into readable text. This feature is still in the development phase and will initially be for WhatsApp’s iOS application.

The latest reports notified that the transcription will be carried out on-device, or locally, and the voice messages would not be sent to WhatsApp or Facebook server for getting the transcription.

Apple’s “Speech Recognition” technology would be used in this feature. The report further added “The transcription to text would take place in a separate section named ‘Transcript’ and users will also be able to navigate to a specific timestamp.

The WhatsApp database will locally save the message transcription, which is transcript for the first time, which will save users from doing the transcription every time & allow them to see the transcription later too.

The feature will be optional, and to activate the same, users will have to provide one-time device permission.

As per the report, the feature is being tested on iOS devices, but in near future WhatsApp will surely extend it to Android devices too.

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