WhatsApp reportedly banned 3 million accounts in India

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp has recently announced that it has banned over 3 million accounts in India in the 46-day period from June 16 to July 31.

The company in its second compliance report under the new Information Technology Rules, 2021 said that it received 137 reports for account support, of which one was actioned, and 316 requested to ban accounts.

“Accounts Actioned” are generally reports for which WhatsApp takes corrective action when reported.

In their previous statements Instant Messaging Platform WhatsApp said that over 95% of bans were due to the unauthorized use of automated or bulk messaging (spam).

WhatsApp added that it disables roughly 8 million accounts each month on average across the world to avoid abuse on the network.

Between the period of June 16 to July 31, WhatsApp received 594 user reports spanning account support (137), ban appeal (316), other support (45), product support (64), and safety (32).

As per the report, 74 accounts were successfully “actioned” during that time.

Earlier WhatsApp had stated that accounts should not be allowed to send automated mass spam at a large scale.

The company employs artificial intelligence to detect any suspicious activity from accounts that send a high or unusual number of messages, and it bans millions of such accounts in India and around the world.

WhatsApp is unable to see the content of any messages as it is an end-to-end encrypted platform. It therefore relies on unencrypted data which includes information like user reports, profile photos, group photos, and descriptions, and also uses advanced AI tools and resources to detect and avoid abuse on the platform, behavioral signals from accounts are also included in it.

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