Twitter accelerates work with new improvements to its direct message system

Social media is all about sharing what you like with your loved ones. It avails many channels through which varied content can be shared. Twitter offers its users with a homemade function for it. The best part about it is that users will soon be able to use the new direct message with improvements done within.

Now users can send messages to 20 people from Twitter

Twitter is popular for availing users with latest information easily. The follow button feature by twitter is quite useful, it let one know about what other users like and can also let them know about our interests. Besides following, users can use another important feature of getting in touch with others via direct messages.

The latest improvements in the application now allow users to send a private message up to a total of 20 people. This is quite useful when you want to send same message to many.  It is important to know that the latest version is available for iOS version users and web, whereas for the Android version it will still long time some more time to arrive.

Now users can send messages to 20 people from Twitter
Now users can send messages to 20 people from Twitter

The latest enhancements that Twitter has revealed in its development account are not only focused on direct messages being able to send to 20 people but also helps to track the threads in the app that will now boost the speed of scroll button to make the experience easier.

Another two extra features by the application include the reactions that will now appear with a long press or a double click, this will open a section called Add reaction where the user can choose the one that best suits what the message actually tries to emote. The other feature is the conversation scan that is able to better order each one.

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