Reliance Jio records over 79 lakh mobile subscribers in net mobile user TRAI data

Airtel added 40.5 lakh customers, and VI gained 10.8 lakh customers. Jio on first position with 422.92 million users, followed by Airtel on the second position with 352.40 million users and Vi at third position with 283.71 million users at the end of March 2021.


Swirled by a tough competition by rivals – Bharti Airtel which recorded 40.5 lakh wireless users, and Vodafone Idea with 10.8 lakh customers, Reliance Jio aced in net mobile users in March 2021.

As per the data provided by TRAI – Reliance Jio has successfully defeated rival Bharti Airtel in March for the second month in a row after being struggling to cope up with the latter in terms of net mobile user additions for six straight months. It’s also a fact that Jio still tops the record of having the largest inactive user base at 91 million, in comparison to Airtel’s 8 million and Vodafone Idea’s 21 million. The month March bestowed all major telecom service providers with a decent improvement in net additions to their wireless user base. Owing to this, Reliance Jio recorded a remarkable increase in the statistics by adding a net 7.92 million wireless users compared to the 4.26 million addition in February.

Considering the statistics of rivals, Airtel successfully added 4.05 million against February’s 3.73 million and Vodafone Idea added 1.09 million compared to previous data of 652,625.

Fortune truly favours the bold! Jio has proved it correct by its current addition in wireless net users thereby reversing its descendance of last year, when Airtel had curbed the top most place leaving the business tycoon Mr. Mukesh Ambani firm consistently behind of it for six straight months from August 2020 to January 2021. February 2021 marked the point of reversal of Jio’s situation as it started regaining the lead over the rival Bharti Airtel. This helped Jio’s market share to rise from 35.5% in February to 35.8 in March, while Airtel’s market share remained poised at 29.8 per cent and Vodafone Idea’s descended from 20.2 per cent to 20 per cent.

In context of total telecom subscribers, Jio has been consistent in retaining the lead with 422.92 million users, trailed by Airtel with 352.40 million users and Vodafone Idea at 283.71 users. Inspite of such positive numbers, the Reliance telco still struggles with a large pool of inactive subscribers, which records more than any of its competitors. This can be seen from the data at the end of March, where Jio marked weakest proportion of active users out of its total subscribers at just 78.43 per cent, while Vodafone Idea had 90.13 per cent and Airtel leading with 97.72 per cent.

The race between the telecom tycoons is quite interesting to watch as the competition is cut throat and unveils the leader with glaring statistics though it keeps changing every month. Customer retention & satisfaction being a major reason to be crowned as the lead of telecom sector, let’s see which tycoon aces & satisfies the customers the most in terms of service provision.

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