Reliance Jio celebrates its 5th anniversary - gets appreciation for fueling India's Internet Revolution

Reliance Industry is celebrating its fifth anniversary of Reliance Jio, the telecommunications arm of the company, in India.


Reliance Industry is all happy & merry in celebrations of Reliance Jio’s fifth anniversary. The company since its inception was quite optimistic & on its 5th anniversary it was seen posting the development journey on its social media channels, hailing Jio for bringing a “digital revolution” in the country. In its recent post on Twitter, Jio was put forth a token of gratitude for its users for their support, and many other tech giants also accredited Jio for “fueling the Internet revolution in India.”. Jio has successfully reached a pinnacle in the Indian telco market since its launch in 2016, today it holds the largest market share in both mobile and broadband segments, as per TRAI.

Jio has also attached a video teaser in the Twitter post which beautifully highlights India’s digital revolution from 1995 onwards and the company’s contributions in its growth since its inception. Jio is hailed for offering high-speed internet across the country at competitive pricing. The company has remained committed to its vision to make India free of 2G internet and upscale the country’s digital economy. To congratulate the telco leader, many tech giants came forth . In the post, Google replied, “Ok Google, sing happy birthday,” poking fun at Google Assistant voice command. Xiaomi India extended its gratitude towards the company for “fueling the Internet revolution in India,” whereas PhonePe appreciated the telco for “endless possibilities.” Many messages showered from other mobile brands like Samsung India, Nokia Mobile India, and Vivo India. Streaming leaders like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix India added that “it is just the start” for the company.

Reliance is working towards its plans to introduce affordable 5G-connectivity in the country. Along with this the company is also set to introduce an affordable 4G-enabled smartphone dubbed JioPhone Next in collaboration with Google. The phone will be enabled with a tailored Android version for Indian users which will support features such as voice assistant, automatic read-aloud of screen text, language translation, and smart-camera with augmented reality filters.

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