Our Story

ISURTI isn't just a company, it was an idea that was brought to reality life . to protect our dear ones from any serious injuries while they are doing their hobbies..

We started thinking about this brand after we lost our dear friend in a fatal bike accident, to a serious head injury after falling off his bike who wasn't wearing the helmet that could have saved his life.  He refused to wear the helmet because it was too uncomfortable, too bulky, did not have a neat appearance, and besides, it was uncomfortable.  That's why we decided to start our own brand that will show more interest in helmet design.  So that this helmet, first of all, is able to protect its users and has a stylish and comfortable appearance, which makes it popular and a companion for all cyclists and other sports and hobbies that should be practiced while wearing the helmet for our health safety.

BORN & BUILT IN Denver Colorado
We started here.  In my house at first. But as we’ve grown, we’ve  known that We can do it and make from Denver  our headquarters .