Microsoft appreciates employees with a $1,500 dollars pandemic bonus

Microsoft to pay its non-executive staff a $1,500 bonus for their work during the pandemic. The company said that it was a symbol of appreciation “during a uniquely challenging year”. It further added: “We are proud to recognize our employees with a one-time monetary gift.”


According to the reports, employees below vice-president level who joined before 31 March 2021 would receive the payment, including part-time workers and those on hourly rates.

Microsoft‘s profits rose 38% on the same period last year in the first quarter of 2021.

Microsoft’s chief people officer, Kathleen Hogan, made the announcement of this gift of appreciation to employees, and it will apply to all eligible employees in both the US and internationally.

Microsoft has 175,508 employees worldwide, and owns LinkedIn, GitHub, and ZeniMax but these company employees are not eligible for the bonus. The bonus is basically worth around $200 million, which is less than two days’ worth of profit for Microsoft.

Microsoft informed that it has also donated “more than $98 million of assistance to non -profit in Washington state” since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and also has a robust plan to render an additional $60 million in support by July. Microsoft has successfully generated at least $160 billion in revenue since the pandemic started, credits can be truly owned by a mix of varied businesses moving to cloud services, increase in laptop sales and Windows usage, and strong Xbox growth.

Though Microsoft is not the first company to take a plight towards such initiative. Big companies over the past year has been doing similar acts in this regard, including Facebook gifting its 45,000 employees $1,000 each, Amazon’s $300 holiday bonus for frontline workers, and BT gifting its 60,000 employees £1,500 each (approximately $2,000).

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