Major concern for bosses as Remote Work May Last for Two Years`

The longer that Covid-19 keeps people home, the harder it may be to get them back to offices. ‘There is no going back’


With the on and off of the severity of pandemic and restrictions laid down by the authorities at workplaces, some companies are concluding that Offices may be closed for nearly two years.

That is constantly becoming a matter of concern for executives because the more time people stay at home, the more difficult it could be to bring them back to settle in routine workplace environment.

Surveys notifies that enthusiasm for remote work has increased as result of prolonged pandemic. Many employees developed new routines during the pandemic, replacing commute with exercise or blocking hours for uninterrupted work. Even employees who once loved doing their jobs at office have openly embraced the flexibility and productivity of at-home life over the past 18 months, as said by reports.

Pat Gelsinger, chief executive officer of Intel Corp. said “If you have a little blip, people go back to the old way. Well, this ain’t a blip,”. He predicted that hybrid and remote work will remain the norm for some more months and years to come. “There is no going back.”

Due to the pandemic wave striking back the return dates have been postponed again. On Thursday, Apple Inc. notified their corporate employees about its return to U.S. offices would be closed until January. Other Companies including Chevron Corp. and Wells Fargo & Co. have postponed their earlier announced September returns, while tech companies such as Inc. and Facebook Inc. have shifted them to beginning of next year. Lyft Inc. decided to recall its employees back to its San Francisco headquarters in February, which would be about 23 months since they closed the offices.

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