Japan nails in speed, sets A New Record - Achieves Internet Speed of 319 Terabits per Second

Hailing high with speed! Researchers in Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology recently set a new world record by achieving world’s fastest internet speed at 319 Terabits per second (Tbps).

The long-haul transfer of data was recorded over 3,001 kilometres.

The earlier record set by researchers from the University College of London with 178 Tbp was beaten by this record as it speed is twice as fast as the previous one.

What can one do with a speed of 319tbps? Download Netflix‘s whole catalogue. The speed is just incredible which could download everything as soon you as tap the download button. As per the reports, with the previous record of 178 Tbps, all of Netflix could be downloaded in less than a second. The new record is just the double of it, so you can just imagine the speed of downloads!

With an amazing speed of 319 Tbps, one can download 57,000 full-length films in less than a second. Not only this, one can even download all of Spotify‘s catalogue in less than three seconds with 319 Tbps! These speeds are not commercially available as they need robust infrastructure.

Countries like Japan offeingr high internet connectivity-

As per 2020 report, South Korea holds the record for the fastest mobile broadband speed recorded in the world that is 100 Mbps. Singapore owns the fastest fixed-line broadband speed with an incredible speed of 2015 Mbps!

Hong Kong and Romania compete next in the record with speeds of 210.73 Mbps and 194.47 Mbps respectively. Internet speed in India is still not worthy rather needs huge improvements as it records 38.19 Mbps for fixed broadband and 12.16 Mbps for mobile connections.

Researchers are planning to use the method to update existing data transmission models and enable the speeds availed by 5G, which is not yet accessible everywhere.

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