It’s raining billions for Google – a worthy deal with Reliance Jio

Google to receive a whopping $1-billion Cloud benefit from deal with Reliance Jio, notifies a report. Being one of the biggest deals of Google with Reliance Jio, the expected revenues that will potentially boost the tech giant amounts to $1 billion, as per a latest report.


The deal basically includes development of cloud solutions by the telecom leader Reliance Jio Infocomm for Google, which will help the latter generate $1 billion revenue. The deal is currently the talk of the town and giving a tough call to competitors such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

“It’s a broad partnership, it involves multiple pieces of Alphabet working together,” said Thomas Kurian, chief executive officer at Google Cloud. “Our own partnership spans multiple parts of Reliance Jio not just the communications business but also health, retail and other things. And it allows us to bring our technology to many consumers in India in a broad-scale basis as well as to many businesses that are served by Reliance.”

Kurian added that while Google is working with other telecom firms on 5G around the world, the scale of the Jio-Google cloud partnership is among the biggest for the California-headquartered company globally.

The concerned parties of the deal – including both Google or Jio have not revealed precise details of the deal but as per the revelations by the analyst, the talked partnership resonates to Google’s deal with Deutsche Bank, which has been one of the largest till date.

Google has set put forth $10 billion for investments in India, the acquisition of 7.73% stake for $4.5 billion in Mukesh Ambani’s Jio Platforms is considered an initiation of the investment.

The reports further added that the deal between the duo is not just limited to 5G collaboration but also encompasses other avenues such as transition of legacy Reliance businesses like Retail and JioMart to the Cloud, includes developing apps with Edge Computing.

As per the analysts the deal would be quite beneficial for Reliance and will help the company in predicting customer journey, modernizing operations, cross and upsell its customers across the whole ecosystem. The first phase of the application will be including 5G and JioMart as they are heavily dependent on tech.

Ambani had earlier said that Jio would “pioneer the 5G revolution” in India in 2021, this would also include Qualcomm Inc. and Intel Corp as its backers.

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