Indian IT sector to amplify hiring over 96,000 employees to be added by top 5 companies - Nasscom

Nasscom’s statement has come a day after Bank of America had stated the Indian software firms were going to cut 3 million jobs by 2022, which would help them save a whopping $100 billion mostly in salaries annually. The IT-BPM sector overall employs 4.5 million people as of March 2021: Nasscom


National Association of Software and Services Companies in its latest update informed about the evolution of traditional technology jobs and roles that will be leveraged by new technology and automation which will lead to creation of newer jobs, thereby improving the employment prospects.

Nasscom added that “The IT industry would continue to be the core hirer of skilled talent, as it did in FY2021 by hiring 138,000 people, and maintaining the consistency with robust hiring plans for FY22 to add over 96,000 employees by the top 5 Indian IT companies. The industry is basically training more than 250,000 employees in digital skills and has hired 40,000+ newly digitally trained talent, which clearly showcases its commitment and investment towards enhancement of workforce capabilities.

There has a been fake report on statistics about the business process management sector which is quite known to leverage automation. The report states that it employs over 9 million people (excluding domestic and in-house) while in reality it employs 1.4 million. In totality, the IT-BPM sector employed 4.5 million people as of March 2021.

The report notified that around 33 per cent of the total jobs in the BPM sector emerged from interactive customer services like mails & chat bots. The customer centric services in India is now being directed in an omni-channel model which ensures involvement of high- end expertise with a blend of technology and automation in the processes.

Since the last 3 years, automation and robotic process has matured with a good net creation of jobs for the BPM sector. According to a NASSCOM-McKinsey Report, there’s a whopping opportunity for BPM worth $180-220 billion, which will lead to significant impact on growth and jobs.

“With constant innovation on reimagining processes for global customers, BPO industry in India is acing in building products, leveraging analytics, improving customer experience and more. The hiring opportunity in the upcoming year as announced by all companies focuses on the growth inspite of being a pandemic year. With an ample of deals and opportunities and ever evolving sector, the industry is paving its way to embrace its goal of $300-350 billion revenues by 2025. Moreover, the industry is all set to continue to be a leading creator of jobs and is working committedly towards people-centric innovation, creating talented yet focused individuals, while promising to deliver a top -notch customer experience,” Nasscom said.

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