Great Job opportunity awaits you as Google launches a New Career Certificates Program

The Company has recently announced the Google Career Certificates program which will offer candidates with certifications in data analytics, project management, and user experience (UX) design.

Any & every query of ours is solved by Google. Besides these everyday queries, Google also offers formal learning opportunities that can amplify or initiate your career.  All these courses are remote and flexible for working students designed for a duration about six months.

Not only are these certificate program convenient and practical, but there’s also an asserted revolutionary aspect to the certificates program too. Google will consider the short courses the same as a traditional four-year degree in its own hiring process.

Since some years, Job creation has been dominated in fields that require a level of digital and IT literacy. Google wishes to revolutionize the job training scenario with a different path. Kent Walker, Senior Vice President of Global Affairs, explains over a post that “College degrees are out of reach for many Americans, and one shouldn’t require a college diploma to have economic security.” Google launched its first certificate in 2018, —the Google IT Certificate Program which became extremely popular.

To build workers skills, Google has made commitments to avail 100,000 scholarships as well as hundreds of apprenticeships. Certificates will be made available through partnerships at high schools and community colleges also.

As per Google, the expansion of its certificate program is a part of America’s national economic recovery. Through its program though most graduates will not get a job at Google, the job-specific training will train workers to get well-paying careers.

This step by Google has been seen by some as a notable development in higher education—which will reduce student debt and barriers to access in the traditional university system. While for some still there remains value in a four-year degree, as they believe bachelor’s degree is important for new opportunities.

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