Elon Musk claims Starlink will Transfer Data at a Speed close to the Speed of Light

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has said that satellite-based internet service Starlink will soon be capable of transferring data at a speed that similar to the speed of light.


As per the reports of GizmoChina, currently, the Starlink network has its reliance on a dish, satellites and ground stations.

The company aims to avoid these ground stations that have proved to be a hindrance to fast data transfers as they take long time to communicate with the satellites.

Talking about the speed, Elon Musk has claimed, the transmission speed with lasers would be around 40 per cent faster than it is generally in optical fibres.

This would result in extraordinary fast internet transfer capabilities without having the need to touch the ground.

The report further notified that after taking into consideration Musk’s statement and calculating the speed on the basis of existing speed with optical fibre, Starlink would transfer data packets at 180,832 miles per second which is almost 97 per cent of the speed of light in a vacuum.

Musk has claimed that Starlink will soon get rid of the ground station element from entire Arctic and avail enough bandwidths as well.

As per the recent tweets by Musk on Twitter, it clearly indicates that his aerospace company SpaceX could launch Starlink broadband service in India soon.

Musk replied to a Twitter post that his company is working towards the regulatory approval process for Starlink broadband service in the country.

Recently, Starlink successfully shipped 100,000 terminals to customers. The project further aims to avail global broadband connectivity via a constellation of satellites.

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