Takachar from Delhi is one of the five recipients of the Earthshot Prize, also known as the ‘Echo Oscar’. The Indian company on Sunday won the Clean Our Air Award for its ability to produce fuel, fertilizers and other specialty chemicals from agricultural waste.


LONDON –Takachar has an initiative which aims to eliminate stubble burning, a common problem in North India, resulting in significant air pollution, especially in the National Capital Region. Takachar’s technology will also improve the income of farmers by providing a market for crop residues.


The winner of the Eco Award will save 1 billion tones of CO2 annually. In addition to 1 million in bounty money, the company will also be supported by some of the largest corporations in the world to maintain its momentum and growth. Takachar wants to expand itself around the world with the aim of reducing 1 Billion tones of CO2 each year. According to Vidyut Mohan, co-founder and CEO of Takachar, air pollution reduces the life expectancy of the population by nine years in some areas of the world.


Takachar’s  idea aims to not only end air pollution caused by burning, but also in such a way that will be helpful for farmers. He has shown great leadership in one of the sectors that is most affected by air pollution, and we sincerely hope this inspires others. Leaders have what it takes to solve India’s environmental challenges, Takachar says. By 2030, $1 million will be donated to the five highlighted initiatives each year.

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