Celebrating 6 years of Digital India - Paytm offers Rs 50 crore cashback program for consumers and merchants

As part of celebration of six years of Digital India, Digital payments leader – Paytm has earmarked Rs 50 crore for rolling out a cashback program for consumers and merchants, the company notified in a latest statement.


The program will be functional in 200 districts across the country with special drives in cities like Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The company informed in a statement that “It is committing Rs 50 crore for the program this year which will help over 2 crore merchants who use Paytm in their day-to-day life”.

Under the program, Paytm would offer cashbacks to merchants and consumers in India, for every transaction made through the Paytm app.

On scanning the Paytm QR code at stores and making the through the Paytm app, customers will receive cashback on each transaction.

The digital payments firm praised the merchants across the country as they have played a crucial role in adopting an array of digital payment methods and being an important part of the Paytm community.

Paytm also announced that merchants with the maximum number of transactions made through the Paytm app before Diwali, will be rewarded with certificates for being the top merchants and will also receive free Soundbox, IoT devices and many such rewards.

Paytm founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma said that “India has made significant strides in its Digital India mission, which empowers all with technological advancements. This mission is bound to contribute to the country’s growing economy. “Paytm’s Guaranteed Cashback offer is to recognise the top merchants, who are at the heart of India’s growth and have made Digital India a success,”.

Digital India Mission president and CEO Abhishek Singh said that over the last six years, the Digital India mission has grown leaps and bounds to put India on the global innovation map. He further notified in the statement that – “Paytm’s Guaranteed Cashback offer will encourage India’s millions of merchants to trust digital payments and come on the path of innovation and contribute to the cashless economy.”

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