Boom in Digital niche, Demand for super niche skills increased in April-June 2021 Report

According to a latest report, since the April-June quarter, demand for candidates with talent in digital niche and super niche skills has observed a surge accompanied by the growth in the digital economy, backed by the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industry.


According to data demand for talent with digital niche and super niche skills like Cloud Infrastructure Technologies, Cyber Security, Full Stack, React JS, Android, Angular JS, and among others, has seen a surge and that maybe accoladed to the technological transformations which have become crucial for organizations.

The report added that apart from this, but Gaming (Unity Developers), DevOps (Bamboo, Jira) and Platforms (Salesforce, SAP HANA) have also seen an increase in demand for skills.

The report further notified that while analyzing the overall demand for the top 5 skills among tier I cities, Bengaluru recorded the highest demand (40%), followed by Hyderabad (18%) and Pune (18%).

When segmenting according to skills, the report stated that Bengaluru indicated high demand for Cloud Tech Developers (41%), React JS Developers (44%) and Android Developers (81%).

The demand for full stack developers across Bangalore was 42% and Hyderabad at 37%, while the demand for Angular JS developers in Hyderabad was 25%, in Bengaluru 21%, Gurugram 21%, Chennai 16% and Pune 13%.

Quess IT Staffing CEO Vijay Sivaram said that many factors are being tested today and taken into consideration to upscale the industry. This period has been called as ‘The Great Resignation’ by experts, as continued talent growth has disrupted the demand-supply balance, prompting organizations to focus on both talent attraction as well as talent retention.

He stated that these developments are highly visible in the booming India Inc, where there has been a notable increase in global capability centers across India, and expansion of existing firms into tier II and III cities. With increasing demand for remote talent, companies are now stepping beyond Indian borders to explore hiring in other APAC countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

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