Android Has 47 Times More Malware Than iPhone's iOS, Says Apple CEO Tim Cook

During an interview at an event where Apple CEO Tim Cook was talking about privacy and cybersecurity, he revealed that Android had 47 times more malware than iOS.


We have been witnessing a cut throat rivalry between iOS and Android since long. Considering the smartphones in context of privacy, Apple has been acing in being the safest in terms of privacy and even cyber-attacks. Android on the other side being quite flexible in nature, doesn’t avail the same results as that of its rival.

The Apple CEO Cook, in a virtual interview at the VivaTech conference, focused on a variety of topics that are changing the scenario of smartphone usability — privacy, company values, regulations etc. When talking about iOS and Android, he informed that Android has 47 times more malware than iOS.

On justifying his statement, he added that they’ve been focussed on privacy since over a decade. At Apple, user privacy is considered a basic human right. He further notified that “Steve used to say privacy was stating in plain language what people are signing up for and getting their permission. And that permission should be asked repeatedly. We’ve always tried to live up to that.”

Cook in the later part of the event spoke about his excitement and fascination for Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. He said that he gets excited about AR because he sees it as a technology that can surely enhance life in a broader way and has much scope. He informed that they’ve been working on AR first with iPhones and iPads and later they’ll expand its usage in other products as per the suitability and terms of products,” thereby dropping a hint that one could probably see an AR-based device from Apple soon. He prefers AI as it helps remove some of the things that keep people engaged with work for hours and instead gets some leisure time for people.

What are your views on privacy when it comes to smartphone? Would you choose Android or iOS? Let us know your views in the comment section below.

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